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Nice living shot! I wonder which scanner do you use. The color is so execllent. And I want to buy such a film scanner like yours. Thank you .
posted by James | 2006/02/02 6:14 PM |
Hi, James -san. Welcome to my bLog.
I use 'HP photo Smart S20' scanner. But it is very difficult for you to get it. Because HP had stopped selling new scanner.
posted by S-yama | 2006/02/03 3:09 AM |
S-yama -san. Thank you for ur reply. Do all of ur film pics come from the scanner HP Photo Smart S20? Is that a professional scanner? How much was it when u bought it? Actually I am a Nikon user, also a Nikon fan. My tools are F80D, N18-35F3.5-4.5, Tamron 28-75F2.8, N70-200F2.8, and N35/F2. What's more, influenced by you, haha, I bought a Contax T3!!! not so long ago. U can tell how difficult for me to buy such a wonderful compact camera when it would not be produced. And it does cost me a lot. Hehe. However, I do want to buy a film scanner for my picture works. I am not a professional photographier, but amateur. I tried and bought a Canon 5200F. Yet it does not make me happy, especially when I check out ur works almost everyday. In order not to buy a DSLR so soon, I want to buy a good or professional and not so expensive film scanner just like urs. Could u recommend one for me? And I'd be so appreciated. BTW, I am a senior university student, and almost graduated, and plan to go to U.K. for my Master Degree. Could u give me some advice like buying a scanner or just buy a DSLR. I do not want to miss the scene of U.K. If you like, just add my msn : hiko0083@hotmail.com I do want to u to teach me a lot. Thank you so much.
posted by | 2006/02/03 11:49 PM |


もし差し支えなければ 博多 de Snapの大濠公園の写真を 

posted by きー。 | 2006/02/04 3:11 PM |
Hi, James -san. S20 is not a professional scanner. It is an entry-level model as for either. I bought it in 1999. It was about 50,000 yen in Japanese yen. Perhaps, I think that it is a scanner of the cheapest class. Hewlett-Packard has not made this scanner any longer, and is not making the one of the succession. It breaks off the support service. I should also look for the scanner as much as you if this scanner breaks. All the photographs on my site are the ones those the scanner was used. To my regret, I do not have information on a present scanner. Therefore, I cannot advise to you. However, I think that you should choose from the scanner of Nikon when thinking about the current state.
I am sorry for being not able to help you. I am praying that life in your U.K. be comfortable. Thank you.
posted by S-yama | 2006/02/05 2:00 AM |

posted by S-yama | 2006/02/05 2:12 AM |

謝謝 謝謝

第二の故郷 博多をみんなに紹介することができて感激です

早速 ブログの方に使わせていただきましたので ご確認お願いします 出典元のほうから 『博多 de Snap』に行けるようにリンクさせていただいたんですけど よかったでしょうか?

何かありましたら 何なりとお申し付けくださいませ

ではでは また遊びに来ます
posted by きー。 | 2006/02/05 11:55 AM |
posted by S-yama | 2006/02/05 3:19 PM |
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